Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Denver Kohaku Uta Gossen

As a blast from my past, I spent Saturday at the Denver Kohaku Uta Gossen, which is a competiton between a women's singing team (the Red Team) and a men's singing team (the White Team) for best team singing performances. Sixteen individuals from each team were judged individually by a panel of ten, given points for vocal quality, stage presence, etc. The individuals' points totals were tallied, and the team with the most points won, which in this case happened to be the Red Team (yay!). The competition lasted from 12 to 6pm, but we were there early, of course. Mom sang her signature song, and my children were able to experience something similar to the concert-like experiences I had as a child on Okinawa, tagging along with Mom for most of her performances. The show was held at the Denver Buddhist Temple, right downtown. Here's a picture of Mom holding the Colorado Consul General of Japan Trophy:

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