Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Ore-Ida...yep, we're fans!!

We are a family who loves potatoes - mashed, baked, grilled, fried, braised, the list goes on.  Forget the fact that the potato is an important worldwide crop and a source of nutritious just plain tastes good, no matter how it's cooked.  The spud is kind of a humble veggie, and it's a surprise gift from terrain in North/South America, Europe, and worldwide, springing forward with such versatility.      

This is why I was so pleased to be using Ore-Ida products this month in their partnership with  I used three of their products -- french fries, tater tots, and shredded hash browns.  They were perfect for quick and delicious meals. 

I started with French Fries.  They were easy to make, and tasted the same as the homemade "pommes frites" I make for the kids every now and again.  This was much easier because the frozen fries were ready to go.  After baking, I topped them with our favorite seasoning of kosher salt and a little bit of pepper.  In the past, I've also sprinkled Parmesan over the fries, or covered them with minced cloves of garlic sautéed in a little bit of olive oil.  These frozen fries baked up perfectly and offer an equal comparison to any European delicacy.  Here's another great recipe with some Cajun seasoning...Cajun Baked French Fries

My next foray was with Ore-Ida's popular crowd pleaser, Tater Tots. was so easy to whip up this casserole with a crowning layer of these delicious potato bundles.  Talk about hot dish heaven.  This dish is very similar to something Grandma used to make, and brought back all kinds of cozy memories.  Loved how the tater tots crisped right on top.  Tater Tot Bake

And lastly, I made hash browns as a side for our Saturday breakfast.  It's a staple breakfast food in most diners, and was so easy to replicate at home with this brand.  I used nonstick cooking spray on my griddle to keep it healthy, and cooked them until they were a beautiful golden brown.  They were the perfect side to eggs benedict, with a hollandaise sauce made by hand.  Here's my recipe:  Hollandaise Sauce

Ore-Ida.  When you need to make a meal fast, this brand comes through to round out any meal. 

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