Monday, October 01, 2012

Mango Jam, or Gourmet Syrup, or Smoothie Flavoring

So the other day I purchased a large box of mangoes from Costco.  I don't know what possessed me to buy THAT many...I mean, I love mango as a fruit by itself or even as a side with a meal.  And, don't get me wrong, one of my favorite restaurants in town offers a coconut shrimp with a mango pineapple salsa to die for, but cooking with mango is not something I've yet ventured into at home.  When I queried for suggestions on FB about what to do with the fruit, got tons of suggestions, including a really delicious sounding pork tenderloin.  Fantastic dishes...afterall, anything that has "mango" in the title sounds pretty fancy and exotic, right?  Almost gets your mouth watering without reading the recipe.  But with SO much of the fruit at hand, I knew I had to do something more than try to use all the fruit in a couple of dinner offerings.  So I settled on making jam.

I've made all kinds of jam - strawberry jam is usually my summer project.  I even have an amazing zucchini strawberry jam recipe.  But, in this case, I turned to to see what was out there.  Came across a really awesome sounding (and highly rated) recipe, which I decided to try.  I cubed and steamed the mango, then used my food processor for mashing vice my potato ricer/masher.  Cooked everything on the stove, and added a few extra things that the recipe didn't call for - lemon juice and pectin.

The end product was a little less thick than a semi-jellied texture, but it would be great to spread on top of peanut butter for PB&Js, heated up and used as syrup over pancakes or crepes, and I also think a few spoonfuls would make for an amazing mango smoothie.  What am I going to do with so many of these cute little bottles?  Ahhh, you're looking at Christmas gifts for my lovely neighbors.

Oh, and the link to the recipe Mango Jam!  Enjoy!! 

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